Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Needed Help with my Crafting - My Second Attempt

I remembered being crafty and artsy 15 years ago.  But, I guess, I was past my prime, hahaha.

Ok, I'm not gonna accomplish anything without help.  When in need of procedures and directions, where do we go?  Yes, I went to YouTube.  I watched countless videos.  But, most crafters have their fancy tools.  I don't.  They have die-cut machines, punches, rotary cutters and all the embellishments, ribbons, buttons and supplies, etc, etc.  I only have my cutter and small cutting pad (12x12 inch cutting mat).  I cannot justify buying all the tools so that I can try and see if I can make more presentable projects.

I did however invest on something.  I bought myself a metal ruler and a T-ruler (looks like a T but I'm not so sure what it's called).

Then, I borrowed tons of books from the library for inspiration.  I came across this wonderful book.  The title couldn't be more perfect.  Constructing and Covering Boxes by Tom & Cindy Hollander.  I followed one instruction from start to finish.  It was great.  I didn't need to think about the measurements and anything else. The purpose was to learn the technique.  

Books that Inspired and gave me the much needed Help

I guess I did learn the technique.  Below are the pictures of my finished hinge box.  I remembered having 3 of these types while I was very, very young.  I treasured those boxes more than the things I put inside.  Don't you just love to be reminded with all the wonderful things and events that has happened when we were younger?

Now, I know what those boxes are called.  They are actually called hinge boxes because the top lid is attached to the tray through a hinge.

Hinge Box - closed.  Constructed from 2 layers of 1.5 mm thick chipboard

Hinge Box - Open
How I did it?  I cut according to the measurements from the book and made a few adjustments on the thickness.  My chipboard was not thick enough, so I adhered two layers together making the thickness to 3 mm.

I was literally jumping for joy for this small box.  Well, it was sturdy and perfect.  It looked professionally done.  The lid is heavy enough that it will stay shut when closed. The technique to cover the box from the book couldn't be more perfect. 

Wow, all these trouble for one small box!!!!  Well, this helped me learn the basics.  I felt that I can do better projects now.

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