Thursday, December 27, 2012

My First Attempt - Storage Unit for Art Supplies

I had a lot of time to spare so I decided to organize my things.  I wanted to create a storage unit for my little growing collection of arts and crafts supplies.  

How hard can it be, right?  Wrong!! I was very wrong.  I thought there's no science to making a few boxes and a unit to hold the boxes.  Even though I think everything was going wrong, I still tried my hardest to finish the project. 

Ok, here's how I did it.  I went to Spotlight, Papermarket (Plaza Singapura) and Popular (Singapore) and got me some supplies.  I bought a chipboard (1.5mm thick cardboard) and 6x6 Once Upon a Time Paper stack.  I also got me a decoupage glue.  I was feeling very confident.  Geez, how hard can it be? really?

Well, it was a challenge for me.  I started with the measurements.  I roughly knew how tall I wanted it to be, but the rest, was a nightmare.  I needed to account for the thickness of boards, give some allowance for the paper covering, etc.  I didn't do those.  I just went ahead and cut by instinct.  I covered the drawers and the unit that holds the drawers with the paper stack and decoupaged the surface.  

Well, it was a failure.  Below is the picture of what I managed to accomplish.  It looks fine but please don't be deceived.  The unit cannot stand on its own.  I had to put 2 tall and thin bookends on both sides for support.  The drawers are very difficult to open because of the size.  The 2 drawers below, are not even drawers.  They are just covers that won't open.  I intended to make them as doors but I just didn't know how to put the hinges.  You can't even remove the covers because the weight of the above drawers are putting pressure on it.

First Attempt
Storage Unit using Illustartion Boards and 6x6 Once Upon A Time Paper stack

The one most unforgiveable mistake I did, I guess, is that I used a wrong decoupage glue.  The name of the glue I bought is "Decoupage Glue," so I thought I can use it to seal the surfaces.  I used that glue and applied a thin layer of it along the surface of my first project.  What's most amazing is until now, after 2 months, the surface is still sticky.  I cannot put things on top because it will stick to it. 

To summarize, my first attempt is a failure.  The drawers won't close and open.  There's an unsightly and uneven gap between the drawers and the unit that holds them.  The doors are permanent (permanently shut).  The surface is still sticky.  The unit won't stand on its own.  The good thing about it?  I can only think of one, and that is that the paper stack is quite beautiful.  I'm going to keep this unit as a reminder of all the fun I had while making it.  I was hopeful that I will improve.

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