Friday, December 28, 2012

Make-Up Cosmetics Organizer Made from 1.5 mm thick Cardboard/Chipboard

This project really made my heart pound and temperature rise to the sky.  I had been thinking about this design for 3 months already.  This design actually made me want to start learning the art of box making.  I just couldn't find or, yeah, afford the organizer that I had in mind so I just needed to make me one.

This is my first and so far latest original design.  It took me 3 weeks to complete this project because, again, not sure what to do next and how to do it and just how to proceed.  I just finished it last week and so far, my friends and family loved it so much that I wanted to share it as well.  You see, I was inspired by a lot of people from the books and YouTube that maybe I can be an inspiration too.  My sister told me that these could make lovely gifts for a bride.  She couldn't be more right.

My YouTube heroes are Jennings644, Jim, thegentlemancrafter and xannero1.  Jennings644 for her attitude in crafting.  From her, I learned to just do it.  Just do it.  Just do it.  Just do it.  Use whatever you have and do whatever you can.  Just do it.  And I did.  I did it.

Jim, thegentlemancrafter, for the polished look of his work.  It's not just about the beauty of being simple, but also the usefulness of his projects.  His projects are clean, useful, polished and durable.  He's a professional and the projects that he makes are out of this world.  Who can make paper work like a machine?   I actually learned how to make the small caddy from him.  Thanks to +Jim Ragon Hankins.

Xannero1 is another lady that I admire.  She also loved working with chipboards.  Making boxes is what I am interested in and chipboards are the only material that I can actually work with.  I guess chipboards found me and because of that I came accross xannero1.  Aaaargh, her projects are just beautiful.  Just amazingly beautiful.

I exhausted all of their videos to help me complete this project.

As usual, I used the very beautiful Graphic 45's A Ladies' Diary Paper.  I had some leftovers from my desktop caddy project.  But, those weren't enough so I purchased additional 8 more of the 12 x 12 sheets.  I was really stretching this paper out.  I love it so much.  The leftovers will probably make it to yet another project.  

Make-up Organizer (Storage) made from 1.5 mm ChipBoard using A Ladies' Diary paper

I used 3 layers of chipboard for added strength.  I tried to build it to hopefully last a lifetime.  I used 2 layers of chipboard for the top lid and cabinet doors.  The front panel of the drawer has 6 layers of chipboard.  It grew to 6 layers because I wanted my drawer to do 3 things.  First, it should open easily.  Secondly, the gap on top should be covered.  Lastly, the drawer should lock into place when closed.  It shouldn't dance from side to side.  Maybe next time I can do less than 6 layers.  If you have any idea how, please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

Project In process.  The hinges were taped, the chipboards were not yet covered,  Sections we not yet glued to each other.  The stand was painted with white gesso.

Top Lid.  The lid is heavy enough to stay shut.   The top compartment is 1 inch deep.  It can probably store  everyday jewelries or electronics.  If for jewelries, it is easy to just line with velvet.
The hinges were bought from the local hardware shop for 15 cents each.  The knobs were actually wooden finial covers easily bought from any craft shop.    I had to look at the dictionary to know what finial is, haha.  I used Renaissance Gold to paint the knob and hinges.  I bought this gold paint because I really wanted the cabinet to have a feel of rose pink look from afar and this fit the bill (It looks pinkish gold).  I didn't want the hardware to grab all the attention.
Right Cabinet door.  The design are cutouts from vairous paper.  Mostly from A Ladies' Diary Collection.

Left cabinet Door with handmade tassel.
Drawer with Antique Pull painted with Renaissance Gold Leaf paint

Inside Look.  Top Shelf is removable.  It was measured to keep Lipsticks or small tubes.

Inside Right Cabinet Door.  Mirror with paper cutouts.
I made 2 independent storage units that can perfectly fit inside the middle portion of the main organizer.  These can be used independently or side by side with the main storage unit.  All the paper used to cover compliments each other so it will look as good when placed side by side.  One is a small caddy and the other, a small display unit with storage compartment.

Small Caddy - Front View

Small Caddy - Side View.  Made to store brushes, bottles and small make-up palettes.
Sometimes, I have small objects that gets lost in my make-up bag that I need to use all the time.  Example, eyebrow shaper or lip balm.  I made this small display shelf to with these two in mind.  The front panel opens up to reveal a storage unit for those extra make-up that I don't need to see.

Display Unit with storage

Display unit with storage

Top Lid - Open.  Just a simple paper cut-outs.

Left inside door is magnetic to hold light objects like Bobby pins or small tweezer.  Example of how the unit can be used.
Notice the top of the display unit.  I made it in that size so the top can also double as a display unit.  
There are some things that we need to see all the time to remind us of a special event.  I made the display/storage unit in that size so the top can double as memorabilia stage.  I put several Juicy Couture charms because these reminds me of a special event in my life.  It may hold the box of an engagement ring or movie tickets.  Anything.  I just love to be reminded of happy events.  It helps me feel grateful everyday.  I try to put reminder things on places for my everyday routine like putting on make-up or brushing my teeth.

Desktop Storage/Organizer made from 1.5mm Cardboard using G45 A Ladies' Diary Paper
Ok.  I learned tons of things in these projects.  But there are certainly room for improvements.

Continuous Improvement Areas:
1.  Tassels -  I didn't realize how a tassel can make a project extra lovely.  My tassel needs improvement.  I will definitely experiment with other materials as my tassel doesn't dance around.  It's so stiff and bunch into one piece only.

2. Use of magnets.  I put magnets on the cabinet doors so it will stay shut.  But, the magnets I put are totally useless.  Good thing the cabinet stays shut because of the design and the heavyness of the chipboard.  After I covered the magnets with one layer of cardstock.  There's only a little bit of magnetic force that you can feel. I may get a stronger magnet or learn how to use them properly.

3.  More creative use of paper and paint finishes.  I would definitely try to make some paint finishes on my next project.

4.  Hinges and doors.  I really had the hardest time figuring out how to add the hinges and make the door look balanced.

I would love to hear from you and let me know what you think or how I can improve on my projects.  Thank you for visiting and have a blessed new year ahead.


  1. Wow this is amazing I absolutely love it, I've arrived from G45 community group Ning , now following your blog.
    Hugs Rachael :) xx

    1. So nice to meet you and thank you very much. Happy New Year.

  2. awesome! you are very talented! now im following, and cant wait for you to post another amazing project!

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I will be posting soon. It'll be a jewelry box.
      Happy New Year. -Olive

  3. Truly Truly Amazing Olivia! I love the shape! Totally GORGEOUS project. Very vey impressive! LOve all the fine deatails and storage! WOW! Just WOW!

    Happy New Years My Friend!


    1. Wow. Thanks Jim. It's a great honor to have you here. Really appreciate it. I learn from the best. Thanks to your tutorials, it made a difference to the outcome of my project.

      Happy New Year. - Olive

  4. I agree with all of the comments above !!! Stunning. And as far as the inspirational people that you follow, I am watching them constantly also - they're totally amazing. Your project is breath-taking - question: any chances you'll do a tutorial with dimensions, etc.? I've made Jim's cupboard box also - LOVE IT...... Love the way yours slant back........

    I am also a newbie now following your blog and can't wait for your next project !!!


    1. Sorry I miss this post, it's been a long time. If you are still interested with the dimensions, I have them in my notebook. Sorry to reply so late :) Thank yoh for your kind words.

  5. This is gorgeous, I too would love a tutorial on it. You did a fantastic job.

  6. Pure genius, and absolutely beautiful. Wish I could be this creative. I have to share it.

  7. Such a gorgeous piece, it would look lovely on my dressing table, you are a very talented lady, will you be doing tutorials for your projects so we can have a go at making them. I am a newbie also Thanks Gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx