Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kikki K Planner - Not Just a Planner Part 1

I am so excited to show the first small project that I did for my Kikki K Peach Perforated Medium Planner. 

I plan to use this planner as my go-to-planner.  If I could, I will totally put everything that I can in this planner.  As we speak, I already have 9 sections and it is growing exponentially. 

I haven't done anything special in the front yet, as shown below.  I don't have collection of sticky notes and stickers and stuff so I left it simple and put in some tags from the Kikki K Be Brave sticker book.  The tags that I chose are those that I may use for gift giving.  

And a paper clip that I made, also from the same sticker book.  A butterfly cut out from the Be Brave planner kit.  Is it obvious now that I love that collection? 

Onto the project, the above is a picture of a closed envelope-like insert that I did.  I regretted putting the sticker on top of the insert.  It would have looked better and simpler with just the butterfly cut out from the Be Brave planner kit.  I just used a gold cardboard paper to make the envelope.  The closure is a strip of velcro tape. It may also be a good idea to make the opening on the opposite side of where I put the opening.  I put it on that side as I like the butterfly to be put in between the rings.  I thought it makes it special.

Let's open it, shall we? I decided to make a first-aid ala mending kit to put inside my planner.  For the simple reason that I think it can fit inside.  Also, it can be useful as well.  I have seen a lot of people putting lots of colored pens and lots and lots of cards and stickers.  Why not a mending kit? Well, maybe it is just an excuse because I don't have those stuff.  They are not accessible to me here in NZ.  If there are, they will be expensive.

There are 4 little components inside.  First, there is the pocket for the plasters and alcohol wipes.  This is just a folded pink paper.  The pattern I used is not a very busy one to give a nice backdrop for the other things. I could also use the same gold paper and it will look nice.  Secondly, the scissor holder.  Under the butterfly sticker ( also from Kikki K Be Brave sticker book) is a magnet piece to hold the scissors in place.  The scissor is decorated with a gold sticker strip that I bought from Whitcoulls.

Third, is the mending kit.  

This is made out of a tag from the Sticker Book.  I cut the top part and made a small pocket out from it. Then, covered the hole with a butterfly sticker.  I just inserted one safety pin and threaded 2 needles with white and pink threads. 

Fourth, is the button holder. 

I took the bird cut out from the Be Brave planner kit and punched a heart shaped hole.  My puncher is from Daiso that I purchased for 2 dollars while I was in Singapore.  It is not the sharpest puncher as you can see the crooked cut it did on the cardstock. I am not really bothered by it, I think it made it look handmade and real.  To showcase the button, all I did was fold the plastic and tape it behind the bird cut out.  

I enjoyed doing this project so much.  I plan to make good use of the Sticker book that I bought. . .so more projects coming. 

Also, if you are wondering.  This insert did not add too much bulk in the binder. 
It is almost invisible when you look from the side.  The first aid ala mending kit is under the Projects tab.  The other gold insert under expenses that is very visible is another project for some time. 

Hope you like this project and please let me know if there are things you want to see done :).


  1. Wow! What a creative idea! I would never have thought of that! So cute! I still haven't moved into my peach Kikki!

    1. Thanks Dana. Are you looking for dividers? Move in already, haha. I'm still using stock dividers and it is starting to grow on me.