Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kikki K Planner - Not Just a Planner Part 2: Magnetic Anything Tracker

Hej All,

I have noticed in a lot of planner videos (my current obsession) that a lot of people track water intake.  There are so many creative ways people track their water intake.  Some use stickers, other stamps and some use mason jar cards etc. 

So, for my second project, I present to you my version of water tracker.  I figured I would like my tracker to be versatile so I made a magnetic track anything tracker. 

As usual, for this series, I will make use of the Kikki K Be Brave sticker book and planner kit.  In using what I have and things from the same collection, I am saving money in a way as I don't intend to buy any more stickers.  Also, it saves me time to mix and match patterns and colors.  

So, to make it, I put my diary stickers in the ruler from the Kikki K planner kit.  These will represent the levels or numbers of my goals.  I first intended to use number stickers but I searched everywhere and I realize I don't have any, haha. I know I don't have any but I still searched my stack. Wishful thinking. 
Level 1 is a cute puppy saying "fighting" and the last level is a "Good Job" sticker.  For now, it will do.  I can change it to a more grown up sticker or classy in future. Depending on my mood.

Then, I made the magnetic indicator.  This is a very simple project to do.  Something that happened naturally, no practice and no repeats.  Anybody can do this.  First, get a card tag, cut into 2.  Use 2 fold into half small strips of paper and use as hinge to attach the 2 pieces of tag cutouts together.  Next, glue magnet strips into place. 

Oops, forgot to mention to punch a hole in one of the tag cutouts.  This will serve as a window to see the levels.  For decorative purposes and not to waste, I decided to use the heart byproduct from the punched tag. I put a slit in the heartshaped byproduct and thread a gold sticker into it and attach to the magnetic indicator I just made. 

And, to cover the holes, I used some gold foil butterfly  from the borders in the sticker book.  

Now, that I have the tracker and levels, all I need is what to track?  I decided to use the labels that came with the planner.  I would like to make something special but I am not sure yet what I would like to track.  This is just a temporary fix until I can figure out what I really wanted.  My motto nowadays is to "Start Somewhere."

These are the things I can think of using my tired brain.  (It's 12 midnight already). 

NO junkfood for 8 days (yeah right)
LOSE 8 lbs ( doable)
8 Glasses of Water Per Day (standard)
Make 8 people Smile ( Now we're talking)
Sleep early for 8 Days straight (no more blogging?)
Wish Upon 8 rainbows ( NZ has amazing rainbows, I saw 2 bright rainbows going to work this morning)

Anyways, I can think of a more beautiful way of presenting those things when I finalize my list to track. (Hmmm, this is giving me an idea of what I might do for my next project.  That's my problem, I think too much.)  I need to focus more on writing and finishing this blog :)

Finally, putting all the elements together and into the binder!!!

The magnetic indicator stayed in place wherever I put it to.  Success!  The indicator can also slide from one level to the other without any problem.  Success #2.  I was able to write this blog and finish it.  I am going to slide it to the maximum level and that is. . .

I hope you like this.  It is a fun and very easy project to do.  Till next time.  

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